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AAPEX will be held in Las Vegas, USA starting on 02 nd Nov, 2015. This Trade Show is a 4 day event and will end on 05th November, 2015.

Booth No–41023D


2AAPEX or the Automotive Aftermarket product Expo is an international event that showcases different kinds of automotive lighting systems, sound moderators, cooling systems, Friction and Brake circuits, Engine and Transmission parts, Gear systems, Automotive Hand tools, DIY dent fixing mechanisms etc. The Sands Expo & Convention Center where the event is held transforms into an arena showcasing an enviable spread of innovative and revolutionary automotive products during the three days that the event is held. With focus on topics that range from re-engineering and re-manufacturing to packaging and logistics, discussion forums are simultaneously organized at the fair which creates a platform for exchange or working know-how across international borders. From the best of sourcing contracts to the most innovative parts, an auto enthusiast can grab it all here.

Exhibitor Profile

3Several leading as well as developing companies participated in AAPEX 2014. The products displayed comprises of, Air Conditioning, Automotive Lighting, Electrical Systems and Batteries, Cooling Systems, Friction and Brake Systems, Undercar, New and Remanufactured Replacement Parts, Suspension and Front End, Engine and Transmission Parts, Appearance Chemicals and Functional Fluids, Equipment and Tools, Diagnostic tools, Hand Tools, Machine Shop, Installation Services, Computer Systems and Software, Paint and Body parts, Retail Warehouse Fixtures.

Ether’s Attendance

On 4th –6th November, 2014, Ether had the honor to take part in the AAPEX SHOW at Sands Expo & Convention Center in America.

During the three-day exhibition(from 4th to 6th), Ether had grasped the opportunity to show its excellent products on an international platform.
Ether mainly displayed its LED Headlights, Work lights, and Tail lights in the show.



As a returning exhibitor, Ether will attend the show again this year.

Compared with last year, Ether has made some progress this year: its MVP product–E-HDL-7’’-RD-RL headlight equipped with DOT certificate will show its strong return to this show.6


New Product Launching

Ether will launch some new products in this year’s show:


New product No.1– E-HDL-4-3/5 90mm Round LED Headlight


This is a headlight with double LED modules of high and low beam; it can be perfectly matched with other modules of 90mm series; it can compare favorably with Hella’s Bi-LED module; it is applicable on bus and coach.


New product No.2– E-WL-502 DOT designed double row work light set

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Its creative double row design makes it a patented product. Equipped with a rotating bracket, it’s suitable for installation on more vehicles—can be widely used on different agricultural vehicles.

What’s more, it is designed according to American DOT rules. High designing standard leads to the most reliable lighting equipment.

New product No.3– E-R65-3640 ECE-R65 compliant low profile beacons11

This new beacon is compliant with ECE R65 certification; this is the only one beacon from China which is made with aluminum alloy base. Two rows of 0.5 W LED beads from up and down produces 7 types of flashing pattern. Flash ways can be increased or reduced according to customers’ requirement.

New product No.4—Ether Jeep front lighting set


New product No.4—Ether Off-Road series




                                                         Can’t wait to see these wonderful new products, right?
Get yourself prepared to attend this show now!!
Come to Ether’s booth 41023D!!!!
Booth 41023D, remember!!


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