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Comparison for LED, Halogen and HID
Author:admin           Date:2016年3月3日

Car LED headlight plays a part in lighting and signal effect.It can illuminate the road ahead of the vehicle, so that drivers can safely drive in the night.Currently it can be divied into: halogen lamp and HID lamp according to the lighting source. But their shortcoming are exsited.

1. Halogen flux is only 1300LM, lighting is dim and irradiation distance is relatively short.it would affect traffic safety.

2.HID is brighter, but start-up time in 3-8 seconds. it takes too long for overtaking and change light. There are tens of meters for dark area and would affect traffic safety.

3.The luminous efficiency for Halogen and HID lamp is low, need more power, long operation would affect battery life seriously and even lack of electricity caused cannot start the car.

4.Low brightness for halogen, color temperature hard control for HID,their visibility is relatively low in rain and fog weather.

5.Halogen lifetime is 400 hours,while HID is around 2000 hours for normal use. The working life is short and the car owner need to repeatedly replacing the lamp, the cost is relatively high.

6.HID would be easily cause vehicle circuit system disorder when meet transient voltage 23000V, even burning car or difficult to decode for high-end cars.

7.Mercury belong to heavy metal, likely to cause environmental pollution.

Halogen Lamp Real Shot Of Road Lighting

halogen lamp Lighting effect halogen lamp Lighting effect

Auto LED lamp mainly has the following advantages:

1.LED luminous flux 3000LM, super bright, more safe driving in night and in rainy day.

2.Leds momentary boot,, overcome start and overtaking sight blind area, drivers and pedestrians are safe.

3.LED luminous efficiency is high, the efficiency is the several times of other lights, save electricity, longer battery life, save more money, energy conservation and environmental protection.

4.LED color temperature is easily controlled, stability, can maintain consistent around lights.

6.LED overcome for decoding problem of HID lamp, avoid burning car.

7.LED no mercury and other heavy metals, green, energy-saving and environmental protection.

LED lamp Lighting effect LED lamp Lighting effect
Nowadays EU has legislation banning the use of halogen and HID lamps, all should use LED lights instead before 2018. High efficiency,energy saving car LED lighting system is always national focus areas.It’s also the dream of several generations in China. After three years technical research, Ether Photoelectric Ltd. finally made breakthrough to develop the auto LED lamps, and smoothly passed the DOT,E-MARK,SAE etc.

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